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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Almond Surfboards | Shaping with Griffin NK

Almond Surfboards | Shaping with Griffin NK from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.
Here's a peaceful interlude for your afternoon... a tastefully done piece on Griffin Neumann-Kyle shaping a Lumberjack, fimed and edited by Brecht Van't Hof. A tremendous amount of time and attention to detail goes into the shaping of each Almond Surfboard. This 3-minute clip offers a glimpse into Griffin's routine.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Stories We Wear: Tom Doidge-Harrison

Out on the west coast of Ireland, Patagonia Surf Ambassador Tom Doidge-Harrison spends his time chasing waves and honing his craft shaping surfboards. “You don’t need all this stuff,” says Tom as he talks about the jacket he’s shaped five hundred boards in, “you just need one that works properly and try to make it last as long as you can.” Our clothes not only serve us with warmth and protection, they carry our stories — surfboard foam shavings and all. That’s what makes them worth hanging onto, repairing and using as long as possible; a virtue that comes naturally to Tom.

Gary Hanel x Andy Davis x Moonlight Glassing

Gary Hanel x Andy Davis x Moonlight Glassing from Soren Heil on Vimeo.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Vans Duct Tape Invitational | Tofino, Vancouver

The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational set out for a new expedition in Tofino, Vancouver this past weekend for an incredible display of unique longboarding talent. Securing his fourth Duct Tape Invitational title to add to his three consecutive wins at the Vans US Open, Floridian Justin Quintalclaims first place in the 2016 event, joined by Nate Strom in 2nd, and former title holder, Troy Mothershead in 3rd. With harrowing conditions and unpredictable new surf on the horizon, the podium rose to the occasion, outperforming their peers with timeless style, originality and innovation.


Justin Quintal – 1st
Nate Strom – 2nd
Troy Mothershead – 3rd

Full article, click Here

Tyler Warren | New Zealand

TW/NZ from Billabong New Zealand on Vimeo.
Tyler Warren, New Zealand, April 2016

Tyler Warren cross steps his way from East Coast to West for our final Salt Circus instalment. It's accompanied by a digital flip-book which can be found here -

Proudly Supported by Damaged Goods & Corona

Artist / Imarhan
Track / Assossamagh

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jokin Etxeberria | Vissla Flow Team

Jokin Etxeberria - Vissla Flow Team from Jungle Juice on Vimeo.
Jokin Etxeberria se suma al "Flow Team" de Vissla a nivel nacional representando a la perfección sus dos grandes slogans:
"Creators & Innovators" - él mismo se fabrica varias de sus propias tablas
"Surf everything & ride anything" - le encanta surfear con todo tipo de tablas y en todo tipo de condiciones, desde medio metro con un longboard hasta olas cañeras con un pincho asimetrico, un twifin playero o un single clásico.
Un completo desconocido para la gran masa pero un surfer de gran talento para todos aquellos que le han visto surfear.
Jokin Etxeberria joins the "Flow Team" of Vissla nationwide representing with perfection its two main slogans:"Creators & Innovators" - he himself made several of its own boards "Surf ride everything & anything" - loves to surf with all kinds of boards and in all conditions, from half a meter with a longboard to big waves with an asymmetrical spike, a beach twifin or a classic single. A stranger to the great mass but talented surfer to all those who have seen him surf.

Monday, May 9, 2016


Intermission from Broomsticks&Beavertails on Vimeo.
Garrett Spencer & Mikey Detemple making the best of a little summer swell.

Film/Edit: Mary Spencer
Music: Mac Demarco - Salad Days

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reilly Stone

Reilly Stone from RyanStruck on Vimeo.


HOT PLASTIC EVOLUTION. from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
I have been using this as my inspiration reel for a couple years now. When i first got my Australian Slasher made by Ian Chisholm, i looked everywhere for clips of people riding similar designs so i could sort out the origional intent behind this style board. Aside from all the modern footage of Al Knost and Dane Peterson and the obvious others who rip on Involvement style logs, its nice to dig into the history books to see Involvement logging in its heyday with the masters behind the wheel. -cj

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Patagonia Bowery Surf Shop NYC

Patagonia Bowery Surf Shop NYC from Indoek on Vimeo.
Director, Cinematographer & Editor - Drew Innis
Producer - Indoek
Titles - Matt Titone
Original Score - Jimmy Reeves
"Rearrange Me" courtesy of Criminal Hygiene -
Sound Design & VO Recording: Jared O'Connell
Voice Over: DL Tashjian
Starring - Patagonia Employees: DL Tashjian, Schuyler McFerran, Micah Piller & Justin Tassone

2016 Vans Duct Tape Invitational

Adapted Lines: Joel Tudor | SURFER

Joel Tudor breaks down his quiver.

Four Englishmen and a French Dude

Four Englishmen and a French Dude from Frankie Davies on Vimeo.
Surfers James Parry, Clovis Donizetti, Matt Travis, Mike Lay and Buster Nichol (in order of appearance) enjoying a fun, summer surf in France.

Filmed on a handheld camera by myself who, at the time, was bronzing heavily.

Music: Canned Heat - Rollin' and a Tumblin'

Two year old memory!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transcendental Delusion

Transcendental Delusion from Tha Burford Bros. on Vimeo.
Film and edit / / Justus Myers

Surfing by Cole and Caelan Burford

Boards ridden:
Hobie - 9'6 x 23 1/2 x 3 Salinas shaped by Tyler Warren///
Hobie - 9'6 x 23 x 3 Pig shaped by Gary Larson///
Greg Noll pig///

Flama: Surfboards with soul

Flama: Surfboards with soul from Flama Surf on Vimeo.
When work meets passion the result can be no other than a product with soul.
Flamasurf: Natural Surfing Evolution

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Surfboards by Donald Takayama | Classic Noserider Model

Surfboards by Donald Takayama  featuring the "Classic Noserider Model" from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.
Noah Shimabukuro riding his Classic Noserider Model (9'7" x 23" x 2 7/8") in Oceanside, CA. For more information, please visit

Mega Fish

Mega Fish from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
The Deepest Reaches Mega Fish is quite a mysterious surfboard. Upon initial contact, one might wonder, what surfing a Mega Fish well looks like. Well look no further, allow Ross Bushnell to demonstrate how effortless section making, titan of trim, the glider of all fishes is meant to be ridden. Short by Michael Kew.

Live Life Beautifully | Andy Davis

Live Life Beautifully - Andy Davis from jason baffa films on Vimeo.
Presented by ZIOBAFFA Organic Wines • Italy

ZIOBAFFA is proud to present a series of short-films highlighting people who we look up to that follow their passions and Live Life Beautifully.  This episode features iconic surf-artist, Andy Davis, who's whimsical and fluid take on surf culture has become synonymous with surf-stoke.  

Over the past two decades Andy was the driving force behind several successful surf brands like Free, Byrd and Ando & Friends, all of which featured his art. Today he has a brand that embodies the spirit of his art called Andy Davis Designs.

Directed by Jason Baffa

Monday, April 11, 2016

9'4" Mr. Rodgers | Bing Surfboards

9'4" Mr. Rodgers

Fins: Single box, fiberglass fin included
Color: Clear volan top and bottom, 2-stringer (bass) with black foam t-band and offset glue lines, gloss/polish

Designed in collaboration with Bing rider, Mick Rodgers, the Mr. Rodgers is a Nuuhiwa/Rick Noserider-influenced noserider that is designed for ample lift while still maintaining forward trim speed and turning ability. The blended concave creates smooth noserides and control on the tip, and the slightly pulled in nose fits snugly in the pocket. The gradual curve in the outline compliments the turned-up rail-line in the tail allowing loose smooth turns and more control when setting up for noserides. The slight roll in the bottom and flatter rocker creates smoother transitions and improved trim. The Mr. Rodgers performs in a variety of conditions but excels in points and beach breaks, especially if there’s a little punch. Average nose: 18”, Average tail: 16 ½”

LUNAR by Onde Nostre

LUNAR by Onde Nostre from The Seea on Vimeo.
Onde Nostre in collaboration with Seea present Lunar, a film featuring Leah Dawson in Fuerteventura. In this strange and beautiful treeless landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Leah Dawson's creative spirit has space to expand freely as she creates music, hand shapes her second board and dances on water with power and grace.

Grounded by earth and charged with energy by water, Leah Dawson is a solar creature influenced by the
moon’s gravitational pull, like the sea.